Why Every Musician Needs a Professional Website

Here are just some of the reasons why every musician should invest in an official online presence.

Musicians are professionals that tend to live their lives in the moment. 

As a musician, you build word of mouth for your personal brand through each gig you play, and every event you attend. But if you don’t have a digital presence, then you could be leaving opportunities on the table. 

The musical world is a competitive one, and like many other industries, it’s greatly influenced by the impact of online interactions. A website is how you ensure that you can connect not just with your potential fans, but venues, event organizers, and more. 

As great as your social media pages might seem, they can’t compare with a professional website. 

Here are just some of the reasons why every musician should invest in an official online presence.

A Website Makes You Look Official

A Facebook page or Instagram is great, but it’s not really a professional hub for the personal brand you’re trying to build. When promotors and industry officials come searching for a genuine professional, they’re looking for a website to confirm that person’s reputation. 

While it’s true that anyone can make a website these days, committing the time to create a professional high-quality site for your brand shows commitment. If you’re willing to invest in creating a site that showcases your background, musical creations, and abilities in a compelling light, people will pay attention. It’s all about investing in yourself. 

A professional website shows that you’re committed to your career. You’re not just another artist on social media experimenting in your free time. 

Websites Answer Crucial Questions

Your website is essentially the album cover for your career. It acts as a valuable portfolio of your work, showcasing what you can do, and highlighting the events you’ve been part of in the past. However, it’s also a valuable source of information. 

Your music website is where you can provide some important background details that help promoters to get an idea of where you come from, and what makes you special. This can build a connection with your target audience and make it more likely that people will want to give you a chance. 

There are also website builders online today that make it easier to design a site that specifically showcases your work. You can host all of your previous content on your site, embed videos of your performances, and give people a chance to see what they’re buying if they decide to partner with you.

It Helps You Build a Fan Base

Social media platforms are a handy place to connect with your fan base. However, it’s difficult to know for certain what the next trending platform is going to be. If you’re not active on the right channel at the right time, you could be missing out on support from your top fans. 

Your website, on the other hand, is always there and available for fans to find, whether they’re active on your social platform or not. What’s more, while social media sites come and go, your website is fully under your control. You’re not under the mercy of algorithms that determine which of your posts should be approved. You can decide exactly what you want to share online. 

Your site can even give you another way to communicate with your fan base about upcoming events or build advocacy with fans through an online forum. 

Your Website Increases Your Revenue

Speaking of building a fan base on your website, once you have your online domain, you can also use it to sell more to those followers. Your site can be the go-to place where people can visit when they want to buy tickets to your next event or buy merch directly from you. 

You can cell CDs and vinyl’s online, offer digital downloads to customers who want to listen to your music in their free time. You could even build an entire range of branded products, with band logos on t-shirts, bags, and mugs. 

Some musicians even use their websites as an extra source of income, by signing up to affiliate schemes. If there’s a musical company that you’re willing to advocate for, a website will give you a better chance of being chosen to help them with their sponsored promotions. All of the major influencers in music have their own websites. 

Websites Help You Book More Gigs

Any booking agent or promotor will automatically check your website before they consider booking you for a show. You can use this to your advantage by using your site to showcase your best work. Think of it like a portfolio of your finest creations, complete with a bio, a photo of yourself, and any videos that you might want to share. 

You could even create a press kit for any music magazines or publications that might want to talk about your work and add a contact form for anyone who wants to invite you to their podcast and event. This is an excellent way to seek out new collaborations that can help your brand grow. 

Working on various advertising strategies within your website can boost your chances of being found. For instance, you can invest in a little SEO to get your page ranking higher in your local area. It’s also worth reaching out to similar websites and corresponding companies who might want to partner with you on promotions. 

A Website Builds Your Music Brand

A website isn’t just a place to showcase your music or talk about your life as a musician. It’s an environment where you can connect with your wider community of fans, and potential collaborators. Your site is where event promoters will go to get information about you and decide whether they want to book you for a show. 

You can even use your website to build an email mailing list full of fans who want to be kept informed about your latest releases or upcoming gig. 

A website is how a musician stops being a hobbyist and starts being a professional. 


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