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How to Optimize Your Checkout for Mobile

We'll discuss some of the reasons why people are abandoning products in your shopping carts and how you can optimize your checkout for mobile so that you can lower your abandonment rates.

You have an online store up and running, but you’re a bit concerned about your shopping cart abandonment rates. You may already know that the average cart abandonment rate is 69.80% if you’ve started to do some research. The mobile shopping cart abandonment rate is much higher when you dig a little deeper, at 85.65%.

We’ll discuss some of the reasons why people are abandoning products in your shopping carts and how you can optimize your checkout for mobile so that you can lower your abandonment rates.

Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

If you have visited a website that isn’t mobile-optimized, you know that it doesn’t look good and is very difficult to navigate. The best first step to optimize your checkout for mobile is to make sure your site is mobile-friendly.

Simplify the Checkout Process

Some countries have legislation that requires you to collect only the information needed to complete the sale. People tend to be very protective of their data, so they’re more likely to complete the sale when they only have to provide basic information. 39% of potential buyers abandon the cart because the process is too complicated.

Use Security Seals to Build Trust

We’ve all heard of companies that have had their data breached. When potential customers consider giving you their credit card details, they want to know that their data is secure. ConversionXL has done research that shows that seals indicated trust, such as Google Trusted Store, convert better than simply having wording that says you promise to keep their information secure or the lock sign by the web address.

Avoid Grammar Mistakes

Seeing grammar and spelling mistakes can make potential customers question your professionalism. If grammar isn’t one of your strengths, you should consider hiring a copywriter and editor to review your sales page.

Allow Guest Checkout

Potential customers can see the need to register to purchase your product or service as a turn-off. Companies see a 35% decrease in sales when they require customers to register to make a purchase. You also want to give customers a choice to opt out from receiving emails that don’t pertain to the sale.

Optimize Buttons for Mobile Viewing

If you’ve seen a website built for mobile device viewing, the buttons can appear too small. The buttons for a mobile site need to be prominent and legible. You also want to make sure there is sufficient space between the back and the next button so that customers don’t hit the wrong button by accident.

Show Progress in the Sales Process

If your online sales process is multiple pages, you want to indicate the different stages. You don’t want customers to give up because they aren’t sure how much more information they need to provide. You want to show them how close they are to completing their purchase.

Simplify Your Forms

Your form mustn’t have too many distractions. You might have a lot of great information that you want to share with potential customers, but you want them to focus on completing their purchase. You can have a page with more information that your customers see after they complete the purchase.

Auto-Detect Customer Information

In the name of simplifying the sales process, you want to automatically complete as much information as you can for the customer. An example of this is to complete the mailing address when they provide their zip code or postal code, depending on what country they reside in.

Display Important Information

If you have a multi-stage checkout process, you want to make sure you remind the customer of what they are purchasing. If there are multiple options for your product or service, you’ll want to make sure that information is clear so your customer can catch any mistakes. If the customer has to hit the back button to recap their purchase, they might close the window, and the sale is lost.


There are many different ways to optimize your checkout for mobile. If you’re not sure how to start making the changes mentioned above, connect with a website expert specializing in e-commerce.


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