Best Typing Resources for Students

Encouraging your kids to develop proper typing skills is something that will serve them for the rest of their lives!

In a world so dependent on mobile phones and tablets, it can be tough to find a reason to learn typing. However, learning how to type properly could save students significant time down the line. 

We’ve compiled a list of the best typing resources for students to help!

Why Learn Touch Typing?

Some people suggest that typing classes waste precious school time, but it’s a skill that many students need as they progress to higher educational endeavors. If a year of mostly online education and work taught us nothing, it’s that we rely on our computers more than we thought. 

Being able to email back and forth with teachers, peers, and colleagues is the tip of the iceberg. If your child struggles with the hunt and peck method, it’s probably time to commit some time and effort to learn those skills.

The Best Typing Resources for Students

Whether you have a young child or a teenager, a typing newbie or a prodigy, there is a program for everyone. 

Even though it’s not the most exciting skill to develop, some of these resources strive to make it more fun by adding competitions and providing feedback.

Best for Tweens and Teens: Monkeytype

Monkeytype is a minimalistic typing program that provides content for students to type to gauge speed and accuracy. Students can adjust several settings to create a custom experience.

  • Set your timed test to 15, 30, 60, or 120 seconds.
  • Choose your color scheme from a list of fun themes, like alpine, botanical, and magic girl.
  • Select words only, words and punctuation, words and numbers, or all three.
  • Pick from different test options, including famous quotes.

The program is free to use, and you get detailed results. You can even access leaderboards to see global and daily leaders. If you choose to create an account it stores your information to watch your improvement.

Best for Younger Kids: TypingClub

From the adorable characters to the intuitive gameplay, TypingClub has a lot to offer kids of all ages. However, it’s the best option for younger kids because of the short tutorial sessions, illustrated guidance, and fun award system.

TypingClub is free and works for students as young as pre-kindergarten. It’s free and provides immediate feedback. You can follow guide hands that demonstrate how to strike the keys properly. 

It’s even possible for adults to create lesson plans and set basic requirements to move on to the next level.

Best for Games:

Though its claim to fame is a typing test, also features typing courses and games to encourage proficiency. You can choose from various time and passage lengths for your typing test, practice the basics, or choose games to compete against yourself, others, or the clock! features more than 100 free keyboarding games with something for every taste. Music-lovers may want to try GuitarType, and car lovers might appreciate the racing game, TypeRush.

Best Paid Platform: Epistory – Typing Chronicles

Epistory features timed events to improve typing speed. It’s best for teens and tweens who have some proficiency and appreciate a quest-like storyline. 

You can play Epistory in 11 different languages as you navigate the world made of paper and attempt to save it by typing.

Honorable Mention: TypingAcademy

TypingAcademy is another free platform, though you can upgrade to a Pro account for a monthly fee. The website provides your typing score, the number of characters per minute, and the error rate. It also tracks your tests to provide insight into your progress.

You can start with a brief introduction to typing, including an explanation about why the 10-finger method works best and how to use it. Once you understand the basics, you can complete several practice modules to learn at your own pace. 

Though the site features a cute cartoon octopus, it’s dry compared to the other options. Don’t expect the same level of guidance that you get with others on the list, unless you upgrade to the Pro plan. Even then, you won’t get any fun games.

Tips for Teaching Kids to Type Better

Are you struggling to get your students engaged? Maybe they get frustrated with the programs and quit too soon. These tips could help alleviate frustrations and help your kids stay on track.

  • Start slow. Learn the finger positions and type slowly to avoid mistakes. As your student masters the keys encourage them to increase speed.
  • Master the proper typing position and use good posture. 
  • Jumping into some of these games with younger children is a great way to spark their interest.
  • To encourage older kids, try competing against them

Remember, you’re never too old to pick up typing skills, but the younger you start, the better you fare. Encouraging your kids to develop proper typing skills is something that will serve them for the rest of their lives!


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